Steel Eur Pallet
Steel Eur Pallet
Steel Eur Pallet
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SKU: SP-L1300-H232 Category: Tag:
SKU: SP-L1300-H232 Category: Tag:

Steel EUR Pallet

Shop our, mild steel pallet with painted finish. These waterproof and heat resistant steel pallets are perfect for replacing wooden pallets. No more splinters, enjoy much more durable pallets that last longer and provide the same benefits as traditional pallets.

Use these Steel EUR Pallets indoors and outdoors, suitable for forklift use and with a maximum capacity of 1200kg.


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For more durable pallets, explore our range of Steel EUR Pallets. These steel pallets are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They benefit from being heat resistant, extremely sturdy and are complete with a painted finish.

The corner location brackets help to ensure the pallets are secure when stacked, offering extra peace of mind.

Our Steel EUR Pallet has a maximum capacity of 1200kg; suitable for easy-lifting with a forklift.

Download the specs for the Steel EUR Pallet:


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Additional information

Weight72.6 kg
Dimensions1300 × 232 mm
  • Height Above Ground: 232mm
  • Width: 880mm
  • Overall Lengths: 1300mm
  • Delivery Period:
  • Other Information: Other Sizes / Specifications are available - contact our sales team for more advice

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