PalletPro Powered Pallet Conveyor

Shop Pallet Conveyors with Metal Products Direct and ensure the longevity of your business by streamlining your business operations. The PalletPro Pallet Conveyor is customisable to the following widths:


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The ALFA PalletPro Conveyor is the answer to improving your workflow and operations once and for all. This robust conveyor can help to improve workplace productivity and adds a modern element to your business.

Metal Products Direct has high manufacturing standards, and a 12-month guarantee on all our conveyors.

Once you have chosen your desired conveyor, our team will assist in its implementation into your premises to ensure efficiency and optimal use of your chosen conveyor.

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Available Widths


Available Lengths

2.0m, 3.0m

Key Features:

  • Efficient Pallet Handling: The ALFA PalletPro Powered Pallet Conveyor is engineered to facilitate the seamless movement of pallets within your facility. With its powered roller design and robust construction, this conveyor system ensures efficient and reliable pallet handling, minimizing the need for manual labor and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Versatile Applications: The PalletPro conveyor is suitable for various industries and applications, including manufacturing, distribution centers, warehouses, and more. Whether you're handling standard pallets, oversized loads, or customized configurations, this conveyor system provides a versatile solution for your pallet handling needs.
  • Powerful Motor Technology: Equipped with a powerful 3 phase motor, the PalletPro conveyor delivers consistent and reliable performance. The motor provides ample power to handle heavy loads while minimizing energy consumption, reducing operating costs and promoting sustainability.
  • Durable and Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, the ALFA PalletPro conveyor features a robust construction using high-quality materials. The durable rollers and sturdy frame ensure long-lasting performance, even in high-volume and heavy-duty operations. This conveyor system is designed for reliability and continuous operation.
  • Configurable and Customizable: The PalletPro conveyor offers flexible configuration options to meet your specific requirements. Choose from different conveyor lengths, widths, and roller pitches to create a customized solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. Additionally, the conveyor can be equipped with various optional features such as photo-eye sensors, accumulation zones, and diverters to further enhance its functionality.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The PalletPro conveyor system is designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements. Its modular design and pre-configured components simplify the setup process, reducing installation time and minimizing disruptions to your operations. The accessible components and user-friendly maintenance procedures make routine upkeep hassle-free, maximizing uptime and productivity.
  • Safety and Operator-Friendly Features: Safety is a top priority, and the PalletPro conveyor system incorporates essential safety features to protect both operators and products. Emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors ensure a secure working environment and prevent accidents. The user-friendly controls and ergonomic design of the conveyor enhance operator comfort and minimize fatigue, resulting in improved efficiency and operator satisfaction.

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