AccuPro Accumulation Conveyor Plug and Play 24v

Shop AccuPro Accumulation Conveyors with Metal Products Direct to streamline your workflow and maximise productivity. It is 3m in length and available in 3 widths.

Available widths:

– 600mm
– 800mm
– 1000mm

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Product Information


This Accumulation Conveyor offers a plug and play solution that gives you excellent efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

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Additional information

Available Widths

600mm, 800mm, 1.0m

Available Lengths


Conveyor Key Features

This accumulation conveyor has a number of key features that separate it from typical conveyors. From increased efficiency to smoother operation, this state of the art conveyor belt is perfect for any situation. Some of the key features include:

Efficient Accumulation Functionality:

  • The AccuPro Plug and Play 24V Accumulation Conveyor is equipped with advanced accumulation technology. This allows products to accumulate and queue up in a controlled manner, which enables smooth and continuous flow. It also eliminates the need for manual handling or additional equipment. To add to this, it will minimise bottlenecks and optimise your throughput with ease.

Plug and Play Convenience:

  • Our conveyor systems plug-and-play functionality, installation and setup are quick and straightforward. The modular design and pre-configured components also ensure that the conveyor roller can be up and running in no time. This minimises roller conveyor downtime and maximises efficiency.

Energy-efficient 24V DC Motor:

  • The conveyor roller utilises a highly efficient 24V DC motor, combining power and energy-saving capabilities. This low-voltage motor provides reliable and consistent performance while reducing power consumption. This results in lower operating costs and a lower environmental impact.

Configurable and expandable:

  • Adaptability is key in today’s dynamic business environment. The Plug and Play 24V Accumulation Conveyor offers configurable options to match your specific requirements. This conveyor system can be tailored to your workflow needs with its adjustable conveyor speeds and customisable accumulation zones. Additionally, its modular design allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration as your business evolves.

Quiet and Smooth Operation:

  • Our accumulation conveyor system is engineered for quiet and smooth operation. The advanced motor technology, combined with precision manufacturing, ensures minimal noise levels in your workplace. Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable working environment while maintaining high productivity levels

Intuitive Controls and Integration:

  • The user-friendly accumulation conveyor controls provide easy adjustment of settings, including speed, accumulation zone lengths and queue release modes. This conveyor system is also compatible with various automation systems, allowing for smooth communication and synchronised material handling.

Low Maintenance and High Reliability:

  • Designed for long-term performance, our accumulation conveyor requires minimal maintenance. The robust construction, high-quality materials and durable components ensure reliable operation and reduced downtime. This means that more time can be focused on your core business activities, as less conveyor maintenance is required.

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