There’s many things to consider in business, and while bollards may be a simple item that is often overlooked, they can be essential to certain elements of running a successful operation. 

Many aspects of running a business can be overcomplicated, but often the most simple solutions are the most effective. So, what are bollards used for, then? Read on to discover how bollards can assist your business and why they may be a cost effective and simple fix as opposed to other, over-engineered solutions. 

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Understanding the Basics of Bollards

Bollards are upright posts that come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. Bollard uses vary greatly and they can be found on pavements, in car parks and in front of commercial and residential buildings. 

While they may seem like a basic piece of architecture, they come in a number of iterations. Parking bollards, security bollards and removable bollards are all slightly different and provide their environments with unique uses. Some even feature bollard lights that transform these items into something more evolved.

Bollard Uses in Business

Promoting Safety and Security

In every business, safety is paramount. Bollards are adept at creating protective barriers that prevent accidental collisions or unauthorised vehicle access to secure areas. They can protect both business assets like buildings and vehicles as well as individuals from harm. 

While most businesses with brick and mortar locations, especially those with car parks, will have use for parking bollards, for some businesses, bollards are even more essential. Businesses that use vehicles such as forklift trucks are more likely to need bollards to protect their staff. This will ensure your employees feel safe and protected, as well as help protect you from any lawsuits following an accident. 

Directing Traffic and Improving Organisation

Bollards can be useful in parking and commercial environments not just for safety, but also to improve traffic flow and assist vehicles in navigating smoothly. Bollards act as traffic directors, guiding vehicles and pedestrians along designated paths. They help to reduce confusion, and if placed close enough together, they can completely prevent vehicles from crossing areas that they should avoid.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Bollards can assist in improving the aesthetics of their environment as well as providing practical uses. Bollards can help create a ‘border’ where one does not currently exist and can naturally improve the look and feel of a space, especially when it is particularly open. 

Anti-theft Properties

Particularly in relation to removable bollards, these simple items can be used to drastically reduce the chance of vehicle theft for your personal car or even a fleet of vehicles. Where a bollard is placed that physically prevents a car from moving, a car thief is unlikely to attempt to take the vehicle. This can give you peace of mind when leaving your premises overnight. 

Bollard Uses: How to improve business with Metal Products Direct

So what are bollards used for? They can vastly improve health and safety in your business, assist in traffic management, improve aesthetics and prevent theft. A simple solution that can assist with a variety of issues without overcomplicating matters.
If you’re looking for bollards, barriers or other safety solutions for yourself or your business, get in touch with us today. We specialise in metal products that are manufactured to the highest standard in Manchester, UK. Browse our items or contact our friendly team.

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