Galvanised steel hooped barriers are designed to help you control vehicle access by acting as perimeter markers in and around your parking zones. The different sizes and shapes that hoop barriers can be designed and manufactured to means they can be used for multiple purposes such as; perimeter marking, bicycle fixings, guarding and restricting access.

Steel Hooped Barriers are low key and functional items of street furniture that work really well in a range of commercial environments where access restrictions are required, such as car parks, retail parks, garage forecourts, commercial estates, industrial estates.

Galvanised Steel Hooped Barriers

Because the steel barriers are full submerged during the galvanising process, every side of the barriers, internal and external are fully protected and covered, protecting against corrosion and prolonging the life of the steel barriers.

Top reasons to Buy Galvanise Steel Hooped Barriers

  • Efficient – The galvanising process uses natural resources considerately to ensure a relatively low environmental burden.
  • Recyclable –Whether it’s re-galvanising, removal or reuse, galvanised steel is easily recycled along with steel scrap.
  • Long-life – Galvanising protects against corrosion and prolongs the life of steel, greatly lowering the environmental and economic cost.
  • Cost Efficient – The initial investment of using galvanised steel for long-term protection can provide cost savings for decade

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